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RSM Law is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy. Any information disclosed to us about you and your affairs is confidential and privileged, and it is held in accordance with the Privacy Act, Lawyers and Conveyancers Act Rules, and the common law. This allows you to feel secure in the knowledge that you can fully disclose all information necessary to enable us to look after you interests without this information being disclosed to any third party. It is important that you are able to fully disclose all information to us as this will effect the quality of the legal advice we are able to provide you.

We cannot pass on any information about you without your consent, but that information may need to be passed on to other staff in our office including Secretaries, Word Processors and Accounts personnel. All staff are required to treat all information as confidential. Any breach of confidentiality will be treated very seriously by our office. If we hold particular sensitive information that you do not wish to be disclosed to any other member of staff, please advise your Solicitor.

It may be necessary to release information about your affairs to people outside our office as part of the work we do for you. For example, we may be required to liaise with Accountants, Court staff, other lawyers and professional advisors in relation to your affairs. However, we will only provide information to the extent that is necessary.

You are entitled to access any information that we may hold about you and you may ask us to correct information held about you if it is incorrect. At RSM Law, we will take all care to ensure that your personal information is protected against loss, inappropriate access, unauthorised use or modification, or disclosure without your permission.

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