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Commitment to website privacy and responsible use of information

At RSMLAW, we are committed to ensuring the privacy of your information. We understand as a user of a RSMLAW website, how important the privacy of your personal information is to you.

The following statement has been developed in recognition that Internet technologies, and specifically RSMLAW's application of these, are rapidly evolving. This statement addresses privacy issues relevant to the RSMLAW website.

Should we change our website privacy statement for any reason, such changes will always be posted to this page. However, if you have any further questions relating to this privacy statement, please do not hesitate to email us.

Information we collect

Information transmitted over the Internet is inherently insecure. However, any information you provide to RSMLAW will be kept strictly confidential and will be securely held by RSMLAW. You have a right to access the information by inquiring at RSMLAW and you may also request that it be corrected. A fee may be payable.

RSMLAW may use this information to:

  • consider your application for products or services
  • administer, manage and monitor any products or services provided to you
  • conduct market research, data processing and statistical analysis
  • unless you disagree, provide you with information about other products or services including select third party products or services

RSMLAW may use your personal information for statistical purposes or for the purpose of data matching, and in doing so may collect information about you. ‘Data matching’ is the process of comparing your personal information with publicly available information and/or with information held by a reputable entity RSMLAW has an ongoing relationship with in order to better enable us to carry out any of the above purposes.

RSMLAW may disclose your information to carefully selected third parties for the purposes of data matching, provided those third parties are subject to an obligation of confidentiality.

RSMLAW may obtain information and make such enquiries about you as RSMLAW may consider warranted from any source including credit reference agencies for the above purpose.

RSMLAW may disclose information about you to credit reference agencies for the purpose of obtaining credit reports on you. Those credit reference agencies may retain that information and provide it to their customers who use their credit reporting services. If you default in any obligations to RSMLAW, then RSMLAW may disclose information about you to credit reference or debt recovery agencies and it may be retained by them. Those agencies may provide that information to their customers who use their credit reporting services.

If you are under 18 years old, RSMLAW may contact your parent(s)/guardian(s) to disclose, or to collect, information about you that will help RSMLAW contact you, or to obtain repayment of any amount you owe RSMLAW.

Our security standards are maintained and our technology regularly updated to provide protection for the information we hold. We do not sell, publish or give away your information.

Certain laws also require RSMLAW to disclose your information on request, for example the Tax Administration Act 1994. If RSMLAW receives a request from certain agencies to release your information, RSMLAW may not able to tell you that the request has been received. Except when Legal Privelege applies, RSMLAW may also disclose information to the police, certain government agencies or other financial institutions where RSMLAW reasonably believes that the disclosure will assist in the investigation, detection and/or prevention of fraud or other criminal offences, such as money laundering. RSMLAW is subject to anti-money laundering and terrorist financing legislation in force in New Zealand and other countries. You agree to provide all information to RSMLAW which it reasonably requires to comply with these laws. Anti-money laundering and terrorist financing legislation in force in New Zealand and other countries may also prohibit us from entering or concluding transactions which involve certain countries, persons or entities. As a result, you agree that RSMLAW:

  • delay or block any transaction, or refuse to pay any money, without incurring any liability
  • disclose information concerning you or the transaction to the New Zealand Police or any relevant authority in any country in order to ascertain whether the laws in that country apply to a transaction or otherwise in compliance with those laws that aim to prevent and detect terrorist financing or money laundering, in the reasonable belief that the transaction may contravene those laws, and RSMLAW will not incur any liability to you as a result of that action.

In this section, "money laundering" includes any dealing with the proceeds of criminal activity and any dealing with funds or assets of any person or entity suspected of involvement in terrorism or any terrorist act.

Security of data

To prevent unauthorised access, maintain data accuracy and ensure appropriate use of any customer supplied information, we have put in place physical, electronic and managerial processes to protect the information collected via our website.

For example, customer information entered through Online Banking services is passed through a secure ANZ server using encryption technology to ensure that this information is protected when being sent over the Internet. Your confidential banking information is not transferred to RSMLAW, but is processed by ANZ Bank and your authorised payment only is transferred to RSMLAW.

Additionally, all stored customer information is protected from unauthorised access through the use of secure passwords, user log-ons and other security procedures.

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