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We maintain a procedure for handling any complaints by clients, designed to ensure that a complaint is dealt with promptly and fairly. This procedure is set out below.

At RSM Law, we are happy to receive complaints from clients with legitimate grievances as we see this as an opportunity to improve the level of service to our clients.

Should you, the client, be dissatisfied with any aspect of your association with RSM Law, then you should always feel free to register such dissatisfaction in the appropriate manner as described below.

  1. The first point of contact for any registration of dissatisfaction with service at RSM Law is the Complaints Registrar/Practice Manager. Contact details for the Complaints Registrar are:
    Direct Dial: (03) 687 9097;
    By mail to: PO Box 557, Timaru 7910;
    By Email to
  2. On receipt of your complaint the matter will be registered by the Registrar, you will be advised of a tracking number, and an initial investigation undertaken into the circumstances surrounding your complaint. After information has been gathered regarding your matter, the Complaints Registrar and two Partners of the firm will review the file (the two Partners will not include any Partner involved in your file).
  3. The Complaints Committee may or may not invite you, the client, to attend a meeting to discuss your grievances.
  4. On completion of a review of the file and discussion of your grievances with you, the Complaints Committee will prepare a report to you of their findings and recommendations for resolution.
  5. If you are dissatisfied with the outcome, you have the opportunity to escalate your complaint to the New Zealand Law Society through their complaints handling procedures. The Law Society can be contacted at PO Box 565, Christchurch 8140, Ph: (03) 366 9184 or the Lawyers Complaints Service on 0800 261 801.

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